Energy solutions for high-end consumer devices

For the past three decades, Alium has remained at the vanguard of innovation, showcasing our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge battery systems for a diverse array of applications, including:

  • Portable Audio
  • Professional Video
  • Mobile devices
  • Tablets
  • And More!

Our adeptness and abundant resources enable us to design and produce secure and dependable battery solutions, whether in single-cell or multi-cell configurations. Whether you require low or high-power output, extended operational duration, rapid charging capabilities, wide temperature range adaptability, or intelligent communication functionalities, our team of engineers will collaborate closely with your team to ensure optimal performance within your desired application.

Alium Batteries has earned the trust and loyalty of the foremost Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) specializing in High-End Consumer Devices.

With a reputable track record spanning 30 years, we have demonstrated our aptitude in designing and manufacturing top-tier battery packs, chargers, and power supplies meticulously crafted for consumer applications. Our vast experience across various markets and applications enables us to seamlessly integrate technical breakthroughs originating from diverse sectors into mainstream consumer applications, providing you with the added value of our proprietary intellectual property.

Operating on a global scale, we maintain localized operations and support, allowing us to cater to your specific needs. Our agile supply chain and logistics expertise afford us the flexibility to adapt effortlessly to your unique requirements.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities have been optimized to maximize efficiency and minimize time and costs. With in-house design, tooling, and testing facilities at our disposal, we uphold stringent quality standards, ensuring that only the highest caliber products are delivered to you.

Additionally, we subject our products to rigorous quality and regulatory testing, ensuring compliance and expediting time to market.

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