In an era of constant transformation, our existence is intertwined with the ability of our employees to make a positive impact and uplift lives through the application of principles that drive human advancement. Our distinctive approach, known as Principle Based Management™, empowers and prepares our workforce to achieve self-fulfillment and unlock their capabilities by continuously enhancing, acquiring knowledge, and fostering innovation.

People empowered by principles.

The foundation of 1776’s triumph lies in empowering individuals through time-tested principles of human progress. As we deepen our comprehension and application of these principles, such as mutual benefit, comparative advantage, and creative destruction, we have experienced remarkable growth by facilitating the success of others, we embrace a business philosophy that drives innovation, improvement, and transformation, ultimately generating enhanced value. Our ongoing dedication to honing these skills is pivotal to our future accomplishments.

The principles that guide us.

The guiding principles that shape our organization are embodied in our Values. Rooted in the principles of human progress, these Values form the core of our identity. They empower every individual within our organization to unlock their full potential and make meaningful contributions. Each of us bears the responsibility of embodying these Values in our daily lives. By adhering to these principles, we foster virtuous cycles of mutual benefit that drive our collective success.


Have the courage to always act with integrity.


Seek and acquire knowledge from all sources that will enable you to innovate.


Treat everyone with honesty, dignity, respect and sensitivity.


Strive to be the change you want to see in the world.


promote an inclusive and innovative environment for all.