Design. People. Power.

As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced batteries, Alium Batteries continually devotes our resources and efforts to developing higher-performing & critically reliable rechargeable batteries for wearable electronics, medical, portable electronics, and industrial application. Based on our advanced technology, stringent quality control, and cost competitiveness, we are able to offer a wide range of quality batteries to meet our customers’ ever-growing demands for higher performance, higher energy density, safer, lighter weight, and longer cycle life.

Working locally to bring you world class energy solutions.

Powering the Journey.

The energy required to transport you to your destination is essential. We are dedicated to this task. Whether it’s jet fuel, diesel, or gasoline, we refine reliable, high-quality fuels that empower your journey, all while prioritizing responsible practices and striving for reduced resource usage.

When compared to the average U.S. refinery, our combined emissions per barrel at the Pine Bend and Corpus Christi refineries are approximately 30% lower.

Sustaining Humanity’s Appetite

Feeding a hungry planet presents significant challenges for farmers. At 1776 Agronomic Services, we employ scientific expertise to develop powerful, next-generation plant nutrients that are vital for ensuring robust crop growth, supporting food producers in their crucial work.

By the year 2050, it is estimated that feeding the projected population of 9 billion individuals will require twice the current amount of food, cultivated on roughly the same amount of farmland.

Durable Fabric Solutions

For five decades, our remarkably resilient CORDURA® fabric has been the preferred choice for combat uniforms and gear systems in various branches of the U.S. military. However, our commitment doesn’t stop there. Today, we continue to innovate lightweight, exceptionally protective CORDURA® fabric technologies for those who safeguard us, including first responders and law enforcement personnel.