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Alium is leading the lithium ion battery industry with high energy density. High energy density means more energy can be stored in the same unit volume of battery. This reduces the size of the battery and hence size of the product incorporating it. Alium utilizes high grade raw materials, intelligent battery cell design and precise manufacturing processes to achieve the industry leading high energy density.

Alium batteries due to our patented Staking technologies can achieve what no other battery manufacture can.

  1. Unlimited shapes. Allowing you to utilize all available space
  2. 4.35v charging & 4.4V charging allowing up to 20 % more capacity with same size
  3. Discharge up to 60 C with only 25% capacity loss over 300 cycles

With the same size battery as our competition we can give you:

  • 20 % more capacity
  • 50 % less charge time & maintain 85% capacity after 500 cycles

Battery Type:
Li-ion Polymer Batteries Shaped & Curved

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