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Li-Polymer Battery – Low and High Temperature Formula

Key Features:

  1. High operating voltage of 3.7V and energy density
  2. High discharge rate for more powerful devices
  3. Lithium-ion polymer batteries are of outstanding discharge rate, sufficient to power a hard disk, a video camera’s motor and other devices
  4. Stable discharge under various environmental temperature conditions
  5. Lithium-ion polymer batteries provide stable discharge within a wide range of temperatures, from –20℃ to +80℃
  6. Superior storage characteristics
  7. The self-discharge rate of Lithium-ion polymer battery is about 3% per month when stored at room temperature
  8. Excellent cost performance and long cycle life
  9. Superior recharging properties ensure a service life up to 500- 800 cycles under normal usage conditions
  10. Environmentally friendly
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We can build any size to meet your requirements. Below are a list of our standard sizes.  

*Alium can modify our formula to meet customers specific temperature need per ranges listed below.

Temperature Ranges Available for Lipo Cells

Chemical Formulas Discharge Temperature Range  C Charge Temperature Range  C
Regular    -20 to 55 0 to 45
Low Temperature    -30 to 45 0 to 45
Sub-high Temperture   -10 to 70 0 to 45
High Temperture   -10 to 80 0 to 45
Low-High Temperature   -20 to 70 0 to 45

The parameters on this page  are only for reference. For more information, please consult Alium Batteries.