Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

As a professional Lithium Iron Battery manufacturer, Alium has manufacturing centers for batteries and PACK in Asia and USA. With a highly automated cylindrical battery cell production line and a PACK flexible automated production line, with excellent cell and PACK product manufacturing technology, and implements strict quality control standards; Alium builds two major MES manufacturing execution systems for cells and PACK, and cell BDM The data management system, with complete quality traceability capability of batteries and battery packs throughout the process.  Our deep cycle lithium battery products with advantages in higher security, higher reliability, and higher consistency. Excellent product quality, and cost-effective advantages.

High Energy Density, High Consistency

  • The specific energy density of LFP power cells is 145wh/kg.
  • The specific energy density of the NCM cells reaches 230wh/kg.
  • Industry leader in terms of battery energy density.
  • High static initial voltage consistency, matching capacity 1%, voltage 2mV, internal resistance 2mΩ.
  • Dynamic voltage difference is consistent. The charge-discharge cut-off voltage is highly consistent.
  • High consistency in attenuation trend. After a long cycle, the parameters are highly consistent.

Long Service Life

  • The lithium iron phosphate high power lifepo cell cycles more than 7000 times.
  • Power-type lithium iron phosphate battery cells cycle more than 5000 times.
  • NCM cells cycle more than 1500 times.
  • LiFePO4 battery cells with more than 12 years calendar life.
  • NCM battery with more than 10 years calendar life.


Fast charge has become an essential requirement in smart hardware development, something we have known for a while, we were one of the first to bring fast charge batteries to smartphones. We now supply most of the fast charge cells currently powering many of the consumer & industrial electronic devices you use every day.

Alium’s LiFePO4 Cells

Model NO. Nominal Voltage Rated Capacity Internal Resistance Discharge Rate Dimensions Weight
Diameter Height
ABI-IFR26650-3800mAh 3.2V 3800mAh ≤20mΩ 1.3C 26.3±0.2mm 65.3±0.3mm 88g
ABI-IFR26650-3600mAh 3.2V 3600mAh ≤20mΩ 3C 26.3±0.2mm 65.6±0.3mm 85g
ABI-IFR26650-3300mAh 3.2V 3300mAh ≤20mΩ 3C 26.3±0.2mm 65.3±0.3mm 88g
ABI-IFR26650-3400mAh 3.2V 3400mAh ≤20mΩ 3C 26.3±0.2mm 65.3±0.3mm 85g
ABI-IFR26650-3000mAh(Rate) 3.2V 3000mAh ≤10mΩ 10C 26.3±0.2mm 65.3±0.3mm 85g
ABI-IFR26650-2500mAh(Rate) 3.2V 2500mAh ≤6mΩ 30C 26.3±0.2mm 65.2±0.3mm 86g
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Alium’s NCM Cells

Model NO. Nominal Voltage Rated Capacity Internal Resistance Discharge Rate Dimensions Weight
Diameter Height
ABI-INR18650-20P 3.7V 2000mAh ≤18mΩ 15C 18.24±0.2mm 64.95±0.3mm 88g
ABI-INR18650-25P CB 3.7V 2500mAh ≤18mΩ 30A 18.24±0.2mm 64.95±0.3mm 85g
ABI-INR18650-30P DA 3.7V 3000mAh ≤20mΩ 3C 18.24±0.2mm 64.95±0.3mm 88g
ABI-CMICR18650F8P 3.6V 3580mAh ≤20mΩ 30A / 50A Pulse 18.24±0.2mm 64.95±0.3mm 88g
ABI-INR26650-5000mAh 3.6V 5000mAh ≤10mΩ 3C 26.3±0.2mm 65.3±0.3mm 94g
ABI-INR2665-5500mAh 3.6V 2500mAh ≤6mΩ 3C 26.3±0.2mm 65.2±0.3mm 95g

Non Alium cells are available LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, & more per client cell or pack needs 

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