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Global Pioneer in the development of advanced energy storage systems

As the premier designer and producer of advanced energy storage systems, we are committed to creating high-performing and reliable rechargeable batteries, battery packs, smart chargers, and power supplies for a variety of portable and stationary applications. With global manufacturing locations and partners in the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China, we are well-positioned to serve a wide range of customers. Our advanced technology, strict quality control measures, and competitive pricing enable us to offer a range of energy storage solutions that meet the increasing demands for improved performance, higher energy density, safety, lighter weight, and longer lifespan.


Working locally to bring you world-class energy solutions.

Alium Batteries continually devotes our resources and efforts to developing higher-performing & critical energy storage devices. Based on our advanced technology, stringent quality control, and cost competitiveness, we are able to offer a wide range of quality batteries to meet our customers’ ever-growing demands for higher performance, higher energy density, safer, lighter weight and longer cycle life.

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